XLS Medical Fat Binder Reviews Released Online

pillsThis modest ratio makes common dietary fibers impractical as a weight-loss guide; one would need to consume excessive levels of typical fiber to get some effect. Calorease makes it possible to manage your own weight naturally without loss.

The item has a complex of two fibers, one non-soluble, another soluble. The non-soluble fiber contacts using the dietary fats in the gut, form a fluid gel, and bind together promptly. This method helps it be harder for the fat to be consumed within the body.

With the soluble fibre, an extremely viscous solution is formed in the body, which assists to slowly slow down digestion in the body and slow down the absorption of glucose to the blood stream.

Can I take advantage of XLS-Medical fat binders when dieting?

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What is the Dukan Diet?

dukanIt’s low carb, low sugar low salt and low fat. You start with a very high protein diet for 2 – 5 days (depending on how much weight you want to lose). Then alternate protein days with protein and low carb veggies days until you lose all the weight you want. Once you lose the weight, you slowly start adding back in higher carbs – fat cheese, 2 pieces of wholegrain bread, fruit, pasta and 1 celebration meal.

You stay on that phase 5 days for every pound you have lost. One day a week is still a protein day. Then you add more food into your diet and have 2 celebration meals per week – again you stay on this for 5 days for each pound you have lost. Once all you have completed all of the days, then he says you can eat what ever you want, however you keep one day a week for proteins.

You must drink 1 1/2 litres of water a day and eat 1 1/2 – 3 Tbs (depending on the phase you are in) of oat bran a day. You are allowed diet soda and sugar free jello. Lots of fat free dairy and we also eat low fat cheeses when were on the protein days (now we like them).I think the concept (which has been working for us), is it teaches you to be aware of carbs, salts, fats and sugars when ever you eat. The first phase is a jump start for you body, so you will quickly lose any water weight that you are retaining. You find that you don’t have to think about what you are eating, but it does involve a lot of cooking. Almost everything you eat, has to be made in the kitchen – no fast foods, no shakes, no instant meals.

Now, when we have our celebration meal once a week, we find we don’t eat as nearly as much as we use to. We get full quicker and don’t stuff ourselves. Dr. Dukan also has a weight calculator on line. He takes into account pregnancies, age, bone structure, highest weight, lowest weight and goal weight. When I put my desired weight in, the calculator said I needed to weigh more than what my goal weight was. In his book, he talks about sustainable weight. The weight that you can lose and keep off vs losing weight and then gaining back.

Hubby and I started on Oct 18th. He lost his weight quicker than I did (men!), but we both lost 30lbs and have been keeping in off. My mom and sister also went on the diet and they both lost 20lbs, and have been keeping it off as well. I find I have to keep my fridge full of good low carb food all of the time in order to make this diet work. We haven’t has a McD hamburger since Oct and to be honest, we don’t even miss it.