Asking Your Doctor About Prescribed Pills

pillsI’ve been wanting to approach my doctor about putting me on a diet pill to help me lose some weight because I have been in the same position for almost a year and I exercise 4xs a week and weight train 3xs a week. My diet is pretty clean the only splurges I do is soda but I’ve cut back and added more water.

Either way I have lost 33lbs and still want to lose about 15-20and I want to mention to my doctor about this but don’t want him to feel like it vanity weight because I’d rather be on a prescription pill then an over counter pill like XLS Medical. for anyone how did you mention it comfortably? Also I noticed a lot of you use a patch where is this and how does it work? Thanks


Weight Loss Patch

I don’t know about how to approach your doctor about pills, but I got the patch at Walmart. It wasn’t that expensive, about £20 I think, you put it on your shoulder and it lasts 3 days, then you change it. It worked for me several years ago, but no luck for me the 2nd time around.

Just Do It

When I was looking for a family doctor I choose ours because he also specializes in weight loss. I just told him “I noticed I’ve gained weight and want to talk to you about a healthy way to lose it. I’ve tried, this, this and this and have gained or had no results. Is there something you can prescribe to curb my appetite better?” I also told him about how my family is morbidly obese like myself and I want to end that cycle with me. I don’t want to pass on my bad habits to my children. Yes it was uncomfortable at first but I am glad I did it.

Well I’m a mother of three and I’ve gained a lot of weight since my first kid but I’ve recently went to a weight lost program. Well it does a lot of other things then just weight well I’ve always said I’m going to diet every month but never stuck to it but this time I have I’ve lost 21 pounds in two months and now I know how to eat right and I exercise right. I quit drinking cokes just water nothing but water (that was my thing just cokes but that’s the first thing they tell you to leave and I did and its working ) but they prescribe you diet pills. I get shots weekly but like they say you have to put your part in it too if not you wont lose the weight but hey if I can do it anyone can trust me I’m not a size 5 saying that I was wearing a size 16 and now my size 14 are fitting me big so if I can do this anyone can.

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